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 Official Rhodesian Ridgeback kennel  

Rock the Ridgeback

Welcome to our world

The only Rhodesian Ridgeback kennel with selected ENCI breeders that have passed the test of  character balance and training aptitude  (test BH)

" Un allevatore che non lavora con i propri cani è come un cieco che vuole descrivere i colori"

Pochissime cucciolate nell'arco dell'anno, ben ponderate e una alla volta.

Alla quantità ho preferito la qualità!

Rhodesian Ridgeback - Rock the Ridgeback
Rhodesian Ridgeback

My name is Laura, I have been a dog instructor and a Rhodesian Ridgeback enthusiast for years.

My interest in this breed, the Rhodesian Ridgeback goes far beyond just aesthetics .

My passion and constant work have led me to obtain great satisfaction both from the breeding point of view and in the work of education, training and sport (an area in which unfortunately the Rhodesian Ridgeback is very underestimated)

Breeding and working with the Rhodesian Ridgeback together is a dream come true!

The goal is to be able to convey how to understand, value and manage these great dogs, so as to be able to establish and maintain a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

Those who manage to do so will have a wonderful, loyal and stimulating dog as a life partner.  

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a dog for many but not all, sensitive, protective, extremely sweet with the owner, it interacts with humans outside its family only and exclusively if there is a good reason, but if raised and managed correctly it is a extremely balanced, patient dog, never rash in his choices.  

As with all breeds, as they become popular, selection is even more fundamental,

hence the need to breed the Rhodesian Ridgeback keeping in mind the standard, not only aesthetic / morphological,

but also and above all the character standard.

With my litters, I carry out a daily job, which starts from the second day of life of the puppies (Bio sensor) and continues with stimulations of various kinds, until the day when the puppy will not reach its new family (around 70 / 75 days)

in order to guarantee the future owners of balanced, healthy and beautiful dogs.


I have received a lot from my dogs and I have learned a lot, patience, love and respect, the least I can do considering

my profession is to try to understand them and propose paths dedicated to them, to deepen and improve the knowledge of this wonderful breed.

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